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Joan of Arcadia

January 22, 2014

Joan of Arcadia

a modern day joan of arc

based on a true story… a canadian story
a story not like the tv show

Joan of Arcadia CBS with mary steenburgen…from 2003-2005
friend of president bill clinton

a vision…like joan of arc
someone up there wants the country to remain united
am the only civilian…that knows the story

Joan of Arcadia

Joan of Arcadia born in the usa…canadian born abroad
start date 22 sept 1991 for 22 years

The White House
William Jefferson Clinton 1993-2001 Jean Chretien 1993-2003
George W Bush 2001-2009
Barrack Obama 2009


Joan of Arcadia…poss codename
from pm jean chretien in 1993…and from the White House
was later used as the title of a tv show
poss takeover of the government…in fredericton…and ottawa
if quebec separated from canada…in may-june1992

security was increased at Centennial Bldg and NB Parliament Bldg…and poss govt bldgs in other provinces… and parliament hill…ottawa

security was increased at government bldgs…date 22 sept 1991…and bodyguards were assigned to Premier McKenna…and Lt Gov Gilbert Finn

quebec referendum was cancelled in 1992 by premier robert bourassa…
after consultations with premier mckenna…pm jean chretien…and poss former pm trudeau
to prevent civil war…may have saved millions of lives

pm jean chretien…visit to NB poss in 1994-95…with heavy security
at justice bldg queen st fredericton nb
was surrounded by 6 rcmp bodyguards…tall men in gray suits

before referendum day…in oct 1995
it was raining on saturday…
and my brother raymond phoned the next day…on sunday
told him that quebec would not separate…that the vote would be no
had seen jean chretien…in a dream

quebec referendum in oct 1995…on monday night
US military planes were ready to take off…
US troops would have been here within an hour
knew that it could be a noisy night…or a quiet night
it could be noisy…with trucks and helicopters
with troops moving in…into town and into the country
I may have been the only civilian that knew

a year later…the media told the story in washington dc
pres. clinton had agreed to help…in the event of the separation of quebec
clinton and chretien were friends
jean chretien and hillary clinton coud be distant cousins

gilbert finn…jean chretien and pierre trudeau
are distant cousins of my father

louis robichaud…coud be distant cousin of both my parents

hillary clinton…and barrack obama are also distant cousins of my father
george bush…and barrack obama are distant cousins


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